The Church of Rationality

You can believe in whatever you want, but if you want to believe in the truth -- you must be rational.

  "In the absence of compelling reasons to believe, unbelief should be preferred."


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Gospel of Reality

Gospel from the founder of the Church of Reality


Dear Church of Reality Members,

Sometimes it's easy to get discouraged in the face of illusion but
there's one thing to always remember. Reality is here to stay. Reality
isn't going away. Reality always was and always will be. Reality was
there at the beginning of time and will be there till the end of time.
And no matter how many people believe in things that aren't true reality
stays the same.

It is always there and you can always turn to the real world, embrace
the truth, and we as a society can make better choices. Reality can
change your life today. You can embrace it, explore it, own it. Thinking
about reality is the joy of being real in the sacred moment. You can
become one with the real world. Let reality into your soul and
experience the knowledge that everything in the world is real.

Reality gives us strength. it gives us courage. Reality gives us the
true freedom to make the most out of who we are and what we will become.
We owe our very existence to reality. If we reject reality, we have
nothing left.

We are surrounded by all this wonderful knowledge. Knowledge that we can
grow, that we can share, that we can build our future with. We can use
reality to build a better tomorrow, a world that we can be proud of and
we come together as one people, as one planet, to live in peace and let
reality take humanity to its full potential. We have the power to choose
our destiny. To decide what we will become. Let us therefore make the
best choice possible and let reality guide our decisions in everything
we do. We can become the dream.

This is the Gospel of Reality. Go forth and proclaim it!

Marc Perkel
Reality Fundamentalist
Church of Reality
Putting Reality First