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  "In the absence of compelling reasons to believe, unbelief should be preferred."


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Lesson on Evolution

Rate the evidence as to which category you think in belongs:



(fact or observation)


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How Convincing?

3, 2, 1

very, fairly, not very

Extreme difficulty to imagine the transitional changes needed to form complex organs, such as the eye, ear, or complex changes from one species to another.



Incredible diversity ~ about 2 million classified living species and about 10 to 40 million total.



Lack of abundant transitional forms either living or fossilized



Microevolution is known to be true. (change in size, color, etc.)



Different races of people



Indigenous animals ~ Different areas of the world have different kinds of animals. (even when the climates are the same)



Incredible complexity from the single cell up Ö



Pests ~ Existence of fleas, ticks, mites, mosquitoes, lice, Ö and deadly bacteria and viruses.



Extinction (Over 99 percent of all the types of animals that have lived are now extinct)



No ancient pictures of dinosaurs drawn by humans.



Gradual change from simple to complex, shown in strata layers.



Birds that have wings but canít fly.

The Emuís wings are only 8 inches long, though the bird is nearly as large as an ostrich.



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