The Church of Rationality

You can believe in whatever you want, but if you want to believe in the truth -- you must be rational.

  "In the absence of compelling reasons to believe, unbelief should be preferred."


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About This Site

About This Site

The Church of Rationality was inspired by people asking me if I was a Christian, and when I told them "no," their saying "you're not! Then, what is your religion?"  I always think, why must I have a religion?  Does everyone, or anyone for that matter, have to have a religion?  Must we believe in myth to survive?  In my realization that people are willing to sacrifice virtually all sense of reason to have answers, I decided that what people needed is a "rational church."  People need a belief system that can provide answers to the great questions of life, as best as they can be answered from a rational point of view.  The doctrines set forth in this site are felt to be logically deduced, are subject to change, and in no way influenced by religious doctrine or dogma, though there may be coincidental parallels. 

Some might think that I am an atheist?  No, I'm a rationalist, and God is just one of the many things I cannot rationally believe in.  I prefer the term non-theist or even  antitheist to atheist because one cannot ascribe a special -ism to just not believing in one particular thing.  I am not an atheist, I'm simply not a theist -- I'm non-theistic.  For a boarder discussion of such terminology and concepts click here.

This site is not meant to just refute the belief in irrational things; it is about finding rational answers to the great questions of life and about the affirmation of rationality as being the path to true self-worth and happiness.  Consequently, there are also discussions about health, careers, success and general life improving topics.  Virtually all human accomplishments have occurred in what we call the secular portion of our world.  Not only does believing in what is real advance us, but keeps us from living in a "house of cards" where what we hold to be true can be knocked down the next.  If we rationalists are wrong, reality will just correct us, and we find no trauma in finding further enlightenment.  We don't pretend to be infallible, but we do strive to do our best to be correct.  If theists are wrong, they must rationalize, distorting their mind further and further away from logic in order to keep believing in what they are not allowed to change. 


Rationalists can be assured that Reality will live on forever and eventually teach all people the truth, and the end of superstitions will someday come to pass.

I hope you will explore and enjoy this site, and in doing so, become more rational.  ~ Brother Mark