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Surely there must be an intelligent entity behind it allóa watch needs a watchmaker, as they say. There must be an intelligence that is beyond the laws of nature and the matter they govern to make living intelligence. Even accidents are not causeless; one does not get an accident from nothing.

The ancients, our grand forebears, didnít know all we know, but they knew there had to be a reason for the world around them, and they knew that reason wasnít them. Thus, came the concept of gods. There have been thousands and thousands of named gods. The Egyptians had over two-thousand. The ancient Hittites claimed about 1,000, and we all know about the numerous Greek and Roman gods, names that have been handed down to us and are still used even today in figurative ways such as in the naming of days of the week, the months of the year, and most of the planets. One compendium of deities lists over 30,000. Most assuredly, one has the company of history when one believes in God.   


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