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“You and I are quite grotesquely lucky to be here,” says the famed evolutionary biologist, writer, and self-proclaimed atheist Richard Dawkins. Yes, indeed, impossibly lucky as we shall see. Prof. Dawkins also tells us that death will be like being under general anesthesia for all eternity because “The brain is what we think with and the brain rots.” The notion that after death there is nothing has long been a kind of atheistic dogma based upon the understandable rejection that there is part of a person that can continue after death—a soul. However, Prof. Dawkins has unwittingly presented the most important problem that must be solved to get to the truth of the matter—If we are so grotesquely lucky to be alive, then why ARE we alive? The factual reality of our personal existence right now requires an explanation that must go beyond mere luck of evolution, or even God’s intentional creation.



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