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a mind centered universe

A no nonsense examination of the contingency of life, the universe, and consciousness by Mark McDowell

 People have been debating the issues of God, life after death, and where the universe came from since time eternal. Finally, there is a book that addresses these issues from a sober down to earth standpoint, giving real answers.

Fact: Believing that God created the universe and life including human life does not explain why you personally are alive right now. You could have live at anytime in the past or future instead, or never be born at all.

Fact: Believing that the universe simply evolved until it produced life does not explain why you personally are are alive here now. You could have lived at anytime in the past or future instead, or never be born at all.

We could have lived at any time in the past or the future or not have personally been born at all whether a god did the creating or if mother nature just stumbled upon making life. Thus there must be something very special about being alive and conscious, to be alive an conscious right now.   



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The eternal mystery questions of life need not remain unanswered. There are rational answers to everything. Why are you here? How can there be a universe from nothing? What happens after death? Is there really a God? These can all be answered in a sober and logical manner. Mark McDowell explores why you will always find yourself to be alive, why the universe will always exist, and points out misconceptions held in physics that have led many to misunderstand the nature of life and the universe. This informative book covers it all in a logical no nonsense approach, and you will never be confused again about such matters.



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