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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke

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Welcome to Pedophile Hysteria - A site dedicated to telling the truth concerning pedophilia and thwarting the gross hysteria concerning sexual abuse of children.  If you came here by means of Evil Unveiled please read this: Cynthia Jean Dale-Harvey.     

Icon_-_Stop_Hand.png Stop: If you are looking for a website that supports having sexual relations with children, you have come to the wrong place.  This is not a pro-pedophile site.  Adults having sexual relations with children is dead wrong.  Sexual relations by adults with children is very wrong for a number of reasons: 1) It distorts the child's view of sex and what it's about - having children.  2) It deprives children the enjoyment of having their first sexual encounters with members of their own generation as they mature.  3) It may fill the child with feelings of guilt in a society where such activity is prohibited.  4) It is also grossly unhealthy for the adult in that it hampers developing normal sexual relations with other adults.  It is a lose-lose situation for all concerned, and nothing contained in this site is meant to condone overt sexual conduct of adults with children.

Here are just some of the victims of Pedophile Hysteria:

Gary Blanton and Jerry Wayne Ray

Both murdered by hate mongering pedophile hysteric lunatic

Note that both of these men had already been punished by the law first, and were legally freed to go on to rebuild their lives, but our unconstitutional sex offender registries that serve only as directories for psycho murderers to find their victims led to their deaths.  Even the murder himself would not be in prison now and have his life ruined if it wasn't for these blatantly illegal sex offender directories that provided him an opportunity to act out.

Pedophile  Hysteria strongly condemns these crimes and the climate of hatred perpetuated by our criminal justice system that brings about these senseless acts.  Every single value we were taught as children is being violated by our own criminal justice system.  We are supposed to forgive,  we are suppose to not be prejudice,  we are supposed to not stigmatize.  We are suppose to have equal protection of the law, yet sex offenders are treated entirely differently from how we treat other and often far worse criminals.  We are supposed to not engage in cruel and unusual punishment, but we do the most cruel and unusual things to sex offenders.  Even the famed Richard Dawkins has spoken out against it.  When is this insanity going to stop?      


Righteous concerns over pedophilia have evolved into mass hysteria resulting in a true phobic reaction.  A phobia is an irrational, or out of proportion fear to the threat.  While it is a fact that some children are truly sexually abused resulting in emotional and sometimes even physical trauma, much  sexual abuse of children is often exaggerated.  Many acts called sexual abuse are very minor in nature, are often initiated by the children themselves - and are nothing more than NORMAL sexual horseplay. 

To demonstrate the hysteria that exists concerning child sexual abuse, we need only consider that for every child who is sexually abused, there are 7 who are non-sexually abused; often by whippings with belts, cigarette burns, neglect, starvation, and intense verbal abuse.  For every 1 child who is killed by a pedophile, 50 are murdered by their own parents through non-sexual abuse (about 2,000 per year)!  So, why isn't there all this same clamor over that?  It's because of a fanatical hysteria about any crime that has anything "sexual" attached to it.  Many acts regarded as  sexual abuse can be nothing more than a pat (anywhere), just answering a question about sex, or just joking around that has even the slightest hints of sexual overtone.  That clearly points to a phobic attitude, or what might be termed pedophilophobia

It is apparent from the following that things have gone way too far under the pretext of protecting children:

13 states require sex offender registration for those caught urinating outdoors, if viewed by a minor.

Many states require individuals to register as sex offenders even though their conduct did not involve a sexual crime, but was only a crime against a minor, such as unlawful restraint of a minor.

Virtually all states require misdemeanor sex offenders to register as sex offenders, though they are in no way predators and just did something silly or foolish. 

Children having sex with other children below a certain age can result in both of the under aged children to be convicted of sex crimes.  Each becoming the other's "victim."

Two-thirds of those on sex offender registries are of no particular threat to anyone.

Based upon age of consent laws, a person can receive a life sentence in one state for something that is not a crime at all in another state.

A person with a sex offense can be denied access to homeless shelters, even just to sleep the night.  Read about how one poor man froze to death.

Sex offender hysteria can result in people being afraid to help children in distress.  Read how one little girl drowned because no one would assist her.

Public disclosure causes sex offenders to be victimized by neighbors and sometimes even murdered.

Murderers, drug dealers, burglars, con-men can all go about their business after release from prison, but  a sex offender - even a misdemeanor sex offender - has to register and have his life ruined.

America has become a raging pedophileophobic hysterical insane asylum, resulting in the ruination of adults lives on a daily basis by false or exaggerated allegations of child sexual molestation, oversensitivity as to what constitutes molestation, and exaggerated claims of harm.  Now, approximately 1 percent of all adult males in the United States are on sex offender registries, all with ruined lives.  Many of these individuals are honorable people who just did something minor or foolish.  9 out of 10 new sex crimes are committed by those with no previous criminal record for a sex crime.  Why?  Because virtually everybody does things that now can be considered a sex crime.  Everyone  horses around with children in ways that at times could be described as having an air of sexuality.  Most sex crimes against children involve touching or foundling.  Children are rarely raped.  Furthermore, Children are sexual beings too, are completely deprived of any sexual outlet, so often initiate the sexual climate themselves.  They are then traumatized by being forced to stop and humiliated for just being human.    

The fact is, the current overly hostile climate toward sex crimes has been mainly due to a hand-full of high profile cases where the child victim was murdered.  The anger and hatred generated by those few crimes are being vented upon any and all who have the misfortune of being convicted of any sex crime, regardless of how minor it may be.     

Ironically, death at the hands of a pedophile is one of the most rare causes of death of children -- fewer than those who die from bee and wasp stings.  About 40 children are killed by sex offenders each year (read more here), about the same number that are killed by lightening in the U.S.  However, 2,000 children die at the hands of their own parents, over 2,000 children lose their lives to drunken drivers, and over 3,000 lose their lives to firearms.  Yet, we do not see drunk drivers having to endure life-long registration or being beaten to death in prisons; nor do we see owners of firearms having such ownership disseminated to neighbors, so children can be warned to not go in or near such households.

No one ever holds the child or adolescent accountable, even though it may very well have been the so called victim that purposefully initiated and persistently encouraged the incident.  For instance, there was a boy who targeted his attractive female teacher tying to seduce her and eventually enticed her into having sex with him.  The boy even later admitted it was all his doing, but she still went to prison.  By never holding the child responsible we are, in fact, often now just teaching those under the age of 18 an easy way to rip-off the system with profit for lies at the expense of grown adults who lose everything. 

Having to register as a sex offender and having one's name disseminated to the general public has got to be one of the most injurious things that can happen to one's life.  However, it is now common that even misdemeanor sex offenders are required to register as sex offenders for life, though this was not always the case.  It was ruled in 1983 by the California Supreme Court (Reed  33 Cal.3d 914) that sex registration for misdemeanor offences was unconstitutional, but now we see misdemeanor sex offenders having to register again in California and in every other state as well.  A life-long stigma being attached to a misdemeanor is arguably absurd.  Sex offender registration can devastate the lives of those having to register, causing needless suffering to the great majority of sex offenders who are of no or little threat.  The absurdity of life-long registration boggles the mind.  Are we to have ninety-year-old men hobbling into police stations for something they did when they were in their twenties?  

The information on the site is meant to elucidate the facts, see the reality of the situation, address what is helpful and what is not, and lastly to help counter this modern day witch hunt and gross hysteria that has engulfed the United States and which is slowly creeping outward throughout much of the rest of the world.  

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