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The Philippine Bureau of Immigration Detention Center ~ Commissioner Marcelino Libanan's Concentration Camp

If you are detained for any reason in the Philippines this is where you are sent.  If you are found to have had a sex offense, even an expunged misdemeanor, this is what is in store for you.  It's a filthy cockroach, rat invested barracks facility.  Immigration Commissioner Marcelino Libanan was in charge of this filthy hell hole.  He's also a musician, so while he's out entertaining folks with his classical guitar at posh clubs and leads people to believe he has a "heart," he allows this pig sty for humans to exist.  Many are left to rot here for years. The longest resident here remained 12 years!  Many remain 4 to 7 years before having their situation resolved.  Remember, this is not a jail where people are serving a sentence; this is a detention center for those with immigration problems, or foreign nationals who have had accusations made against them by locals.  People here are supposed to be only here long enough to sort out what the problem is and be sent on their way.  International agreement states that a person may only be held in a detention center for 48 hours!

Philippine BID - Bureau of Immigration Detention ~ The Story of Barry Le Roy Doolittle

The Honerable Commissioner Libanan

The Commissioner's side job

Held for 8 years

This poor fellow was held here for 8 years before being finally released due to having contracted TB.

Our cook

Held here for over 5 years due to unproven allegations with no trial. He took up cooking to pass the long days.

Young Chinese girl playing ping-pong.

Many Chinese workers wind up here for working illegally, then their boss bails them out - hopefully..

German Gone Mad

This poor German fellow was held for years and finally went crazy and speaks to non-existant people he complains to for hours on his cell phone.

The only mirror

After taking a brisk shower in a filthy stall, you can dress and comb your locks here next to the garbage.

Dish Washing Area

Families would visit the "inmates" and this was where many dished got washed. It also doubled as a urinal since none of the urinals worked.

The restroom

None of this works. Notice there are no pipes. Toilets do work much of the time, but only because the inmates attend to them and paid with their own money for a special water supply pipe be installed througout the barricks.

Dead Rat

Rats are drawn to the garbage here. This one was killed in broad daylight with a stick near the garbage cans.

Starving kitten

Stray cats and their kittes are ignored for the most part. Despites efforts to save this one it die after a few day of being found.

Abused Kitten

This poor kitten was abused by being stompted on, breaking boths of its hind legs.

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