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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke

Up Hate Mongers America's Unjust Sex Laws Day Care Hysteria Hysteria Kills Children




hate-mon-ger ~ a person who kindles hatred, enmity, or prejudice in others

"BURN THEM BURN THEM!!!! Wait that was 1692"


The following are hatemonger quotes from the Internet:

"Child molesters are the lowest scum on the human food chain."  It's amazing how people couldn't care less about what the person actually did.  It's like say "Thieves are the lowest scum on the human food chain," so a shop lifter is viewed the same as a bank robber. 

 "Felon murders, robbers, drug dealers, and gang-bangers regard child molesters as the lowest form of vermin."   Oh, so should we respect the opinion of murders, robbers, drug dealers, and gang-bangers?  These people just want to have something to take the moral high-ground on to feel like the "good guys" for once.  The last time anyone called others vermin was the Nazi's calling Jewish people vermin.  Human beings are not "vermin," and children would be better off with a typical child molester than with any of the above.


"The men and women who this week were arrested in association with the child porn sting carried out by the Justice Department should experience true justice. They should be dragged to Times Square in New York City, hands tied behind their backs, and their crimes should be announced to the packed square and an international TV audience. They should be given no more than two minutes to sort out their business with God.

And then ... they should go meet Him!

They should have their necks stretched, a bullet placed in the back of their heads, or a dozen bowling balls tied to their necks and dropped into the ocean. Or all three.

Whether they watched it or participated in it and when it comes to moral sin, the Bible doesn't distinguish between the two they should receive the same sentence. But what these mongrels have done goes beyond the pale of moral indiscretion."

I sure as hell wouldn't want my kids around this guy!  No, I wouldn't want them around the child pornographers either, but hate is evil too

"Molesters Should Be Butchered Like Hogs"

Perhaps this guy should be our next Supreme Court justice?  He has such a way with words.

I would not only beat the shit out of the molester, I would keep him alive because a slow painfull death is a lot better then a short pain fully death.

This is only the beginning.  This section will be update frequently.

Are these the moral pillars of our society, the guiding lights to teach us how do deal with human problems, frailties, and disorders?  Only one-eighth of those held in our prisons for sex offences are even rapists.  Most sex offences involve nothing more than touching or even less, such as possessing child pornography, or just talking about sex to a child.


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